November 29, 2023

Topic: Holiday Marketing
Speakers: Jeremy Becraft, Mast General Store; Perry Lancaster, CEO of Brittons; Ashley Lindler, CEO of A Little Happy, Five Points Association Board Member; Meg Senn, Columbia Chamber

Join us at R2i2 to hear a panel discussion on the importance of shopping local during this year’s holiday season. Prepare to gain insights into effective holiday marketing strategies from successful local business owners and industry leaders.

Hosted 11/28/23 at R2i2.

Thank you to our Pacesetter Sponsor, Lexington Medical Center.

The quarterly Northeast Connection, presented by Lexington Medical Center, meetings bring small businesses in the Northeast Columbia region together to promote growth and enhance community awareness of small businesses that are independently owned and operated in this area. The connection between the Northeast region and downtown Columbia will strengthen relationships, promote growth, and enhance community awareness for small business.