October 14, 2021

Your Vote is Critical

While local elections do not tend to generate as much buzz as the presidential race, they arguably play an even more important role in shaping our day-to-day lives. The upcoming local elections in our region provide a unique opportunity for civic engagement. The Chamber strongly encourages every member of our community to exercise their right to vote with the knowledge that their vote has the potential to enact major transformational change on the issues that matter most.

The City Council and Mayoral elections give Columbia residents the chance to voice their opinions through electing new leadership who will be dedicated to working collaboratively to help our business community and region reach its full potential. Similarly, the special election for the Richland County School District One’s board position provides us with the opportunity to play an active role in choosing the leaders who will be making key decisions that will impact our children and education system.

Every individual vote carries tremendous weight in local elections such as these. Overcoming the challenges and struggles our community faces begins with electing quality leadership through the voting process. The Chamber encourages each citizen to educate him or herself about the candidates and key issues in order to make a well-informed decision on voting day. The future of our region lies in our hands and exercising your right to vote is a key component in ensuring the success of our community.

Mayoral & City Council is November 2.

Helpful Resources:

City of Columbia Mayor & City Council Candidates

Check Your Voter Registration 

Get Your Sample Ballot

Photo ID Requirements

Absentee Voting Requirements

Voters with Disabilities

Candidate Forums:

City of Columbia Mayoral Candidates Forum

City of Columbia City Council Candidates Forum

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