October 31, 2018

Spotlight Article: Election Day 2018

The Forward, Together strategic initiative the Columbia Chamber unveiled just over a year ago, strongly conveyed the need to elect and engage proactive and responsive leaders with a focus on accountability and transparency. One result coming from that initiative is the establishment of Columbia Chamber’s Business and Industry in Columbia Political Action Committee, BICPAC, an independent, non-partisan political action committee that supports candidates who are focused on creating a positive business climate for the greater Midlands business community.

BICPAC endorsed five candidates in local elections and three of the candidates won their race. The remaining two candidates lost by very narrow margins, a total of 450 between the two races.

As a reminder of the candidates that BICPAC supported and who are running in the November 6 primary, they are:

  • District 11: Chakisse Newton, (D), Cardinal Consulting
  • 5th Circuit Solicitors Office: Byron Gipson, (D), Johnson, Toal, & Battiste, P.A.
  • District 6: Joseph Walker, III, (R), Entrepreneur

The November 6 ballot will also contain a vote on Amendment 1- whether or not to appoint or elect South Carolina’s Superintendent of Education. A ‘yes’ vote means the Superintendent of Education would be appointed by the Governor with the consent of the Senate. A ‘no’ vote would maintain the current method of electing a Superintendent of Education. In keeping with the Chamber’s commitment to accountability and transparency, we support a ‘yes’ vote on this amendment to create greater accountability and collaboration between education professionals and economic developers who have unique insight into the types of jobs companies are looking to fill when they locate or expand in South Carolina.

Watch Ballot Amendment 1 Video 

For additional voting information and to view a sample ballot for your district, visit SC Votes.

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