Diplomat Link

Diplomat Link

Diplomats act as an extension of the Chamber staff throughout the community, adding support and lines of communication to our Partnership. A Diplomat’s first and most important objective is to provide outreach and assistance to Partner businesses throughout the year. Connections may be in-person, by phone, or via email. As Diplomats give generously of their time, they may drop by your business hoping to catch you for a short meeting or reach out to you to determine your connection preference. When reaching out to you, give them a few minutes of your time and you will be glad you did. Diplomats will not ask you for contributions or sponsorships. Their goal is strictly to provide you with the information and resources you need to utilize your Chamber Partnership in the most beneficial way to support your own business.

Diplomats also serve the Chamber through volunteer roles and through active participation in the Chamber’s program of work. It’s their in-depth knowledge and hands on experience with Chamber products and services that make them so valuable to our business Partners.

Diplomat to Partner Connections

Diplomat connections with Partners enable the Chamber to effectively achieve its primary goal: to be the single collective voice of the local business community and to advance the consensus-driven directives of its Partners. The Chamber wants your feedback on a continual basis. Diplomats are key to making this happen. Diplomats become a very important link in our communications chain. They collect valuable feedback from partners and provide timely reports to Chamber leadership.

How Diplomats Benefit Partners

  • Collect information on any adverse business issues at the local and regional level, which may be affecting your ability to succeed and thrive.
  • Gage your satisfaction with your Partnership and Partnership preferences.
  • Determine your communication and involvement preferences.
  • Assist Partners with an interest in becoming more active and getting involved; even joining them at programs and events to make introductions.
  • Update Partnership records and add additional Partner responsibilities to insider communications.

How to Become a Diplomat

To qualify for consideration, your company must be a Partner of the Chamber. The ideal candidate for Diplomats are:

  • Owners/managers interested in business development
  • Community relations directors/managers
  • Marketing, business development, or account executives

A positive attitude, professional appearance, strong communications skills, and impeccable interpersonal abilities, go a long way to being a successful Diplomat.

For more information regarding the Diplomat program, please email Rebecca Spence.

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