October 11, 2017

Issues Forum Summary – October 2017

October 2017: The Educational Needs of our Community


Dr. Baron Davis, Richland School District Two
Dr. Steve Hefner, District Five of Lexington and Richland Counties
Dr. Williams James, Lexington School District Two
Dr. Craig Witherspoon, Richland School District One


District leadership discussed their areas of focus, top concerns, and perspectives on funding mechanisms for public schools. Topics included teacher recruitment and retention, safety and security in schools, workforce preparation, and shifting the perception of public schools.

Throughout the next year, you can expect the Columbia Chamber to:

  1. Convene stakeholders in the education and business communities to begin to craft possible solutions to issues caused by Act 388 that will reduce the tax burden on businesses.
  2. Engage our Small Business Council to have focused conversations with the education community to address the workforce issues our small business Partners face.
  3. Facilitate dialogue between the education and military communities to ensure that the children in our military families can receive the best public education that we have to offer while they are located in the Midlands.
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