November 8, 2017

Issues Forum Summary – November 2017

November 2017: Midlands Mayors Panel


Mayor Frank Brunson, City of Forest Acres
Mayor Hardy King, Town of Irmo
Mayor Steve MacDougall, Town of Lexington
Mayor Elise Partin, City of Cayce


The mayors of four municipalities surrounding the City of Columbia discussed the work happening in their jurisdictions to prepare for the population growth that the Midlands is expecting over the next decade and beyond, and the opportunities for greater collaboration between local government and the business community to solve problems that we face as a region. Topics included water and sewer infrastructure, traffic concerns and solutions (including the need to expand public transportation), and the benefits of streamlining the business permitting process to provide an efficient means for businesses to apply for and receive the proper business permits. The panelists agreed that we will encounter many issues in the future that will require leaders to share a broader regional perspective in order to develop sensible solutions that uplift us all as one Midlands.

Throughout the next year, you can expect the Columbia Chamber to:

  1. Continue to facilitate regional collaboration and promote private-sector engagement in crafting solutions to problems that our public officials face.
  2. Work with our Partners, our Public Policy Committee, and regional and statewide coalitions to advance reasonable solutions to the current business permitting process that will cut red-tape and increase the efficiency of the process, returning time to businesses to spend doing the work that grows their business.
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