May 10, 2018

Issues Forum Summary – May 2018

May 2018: Fresh Perspectives for Richland County

Guest Speakers: (Seated from left to right) Byron Gipson, Johnson, Toal, & Battiste, P.A. (5th Circuit Solicitors Office); Chakisse Newton, Cardinal Consulting (District 11); and Will Brennan, Brennan Works (District 5).

Candidates running for Richland County Council and the 5th District Solicitors Office were panelists who discussed the upcoming local elections. A universal message from the candidates was the desire to restore confidence in the elected officials office, as well as to create a foundation of trust and respect for each other, the citizens, and the employees. A common theme from the candidates was to encourage citizens to be more involved and active in local government and hold officials accountable. Additional topics discussed was the need to make economic development, growth and job creation a priority while considering the infrastructure needs.

Throughout the year, you can expect the Columbia Chamber to:

  1. Continue to monitor the activities in local councils and encourage transparency.
  2. Work through the Issues Forum, the Public Policy Committee and the Executive Board to continuously focus attention on business-friendly procedures and assist with growth opportunities to create workforce development opportunities.
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