March 6, 2019

Issues Forum Summary – March 2019

March 2019: Richland County Council’s Newest Members Discuss 2019 Priorities

Guest Speakers: Chakisse Newton, Allison Terracio, and Joe Walker III

The Chamber’s March Issues Forum featured the newest members of Richland County Council who shared their priorities of the Council and opportunities facing the County.  The following are highlights of the key messages delivered to the 70+ people in attendance:

  • A commitment to transparency and accountability is critical and is a primary value.
  • Applying business acumen to government operations is critical and essential to be effective and efficient.
  • Being wise stewards of the citizen’s tax dollars to perform the county’s work is a priority.
  • By hiring new talent and ensuring the right people are on the ground to execute the mission, Richland County can become an employer of choice.
  • Citizens are encouraged to voice their opinions and ask questions of their council members.

Throughout the year, you can expect the Columbia Chamber to:

  • Continue to work with members of Richland County to enhance the tax base and livability of the County
  • Seek input from Chamber Partners to ensure the business voice is represented
  • Work through the Issues Forum, the Public Policy Committee and the Executive Board to continuously focus attention on issues identified in the Chamber’s 2019 Public Policy Agenda –the cost of doing business, education and workforce, and support for the military.

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