March 24, 2020

IMPACT Teleconference: Business Resources from the City of Columbia with Mayor Stephen K. Benjamin

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Mayor Benjamin emphasized that this was not just a health crisis but an economic crisis as well, causing noticeable economic impact. We have already seen a 25% drop in GDP. The situation is heighten by social distancing which has changed the way we do business and life daily,

Key Issues Discussed:

Impact on Columbia:

  • Finite number of hospital beds, doctors, medicine to treat the virus. We have to flatten the curve and keep this virus from spreading to keep our medical services from being overwhelmed
  • Social distancing has to be the way of life – no more than 3 together, no house parties. Enforcing social distancing, establishing curfews and limiting gatherings are all ways to help reduce the spread of the virus.

Resilient Columbia Sustainability:

  • Enacted by the City to help ensure the continuity of business
  • $6 Million investment
    • Half to public safety, public works, police, 911, etc.
    • $1 Million set aside for forgivable loans for for-profit business and non-profit organizations who serve the community
      • $250,000 of this is set aside for Senior Resources to provide meals for seniors

A Resilient Columbia: Economic Sustainability Plan

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