August 7, 2018


Nearly 116 years ago in 1902, 192 businessmen signed their names to join the Chamber at its very first meeting. The core mission then – to create an environment where business can flourish – remains the same today. While the approach to fulfilling that mission changes to meet the times, the one constant is the incredible value our Partners bring to our work. Without the support of local businesses, the Columbia Chamber would not be able to advocate for business-friendly legislation, support the local military community, or help businesses prepare for the future.

Today, the Chamber has over 1,000 Partner-business with thousands of business men and women representing them. We are humbled to honor the businesses who have been members of the Chamber for 70 years or more. It is loyalty such as this that inspires us to work harder to create an environment for sustained prosperity and growth.

During the month of August, the Chamber will be highlighting each of these Partners on our social media platforms with the hashtag #GreaterTogether.

Please take the time to congratulate these businesses for their long-time partnership in the Chamber and support their business when possible.

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