LCAA Power Session: How to Know if it’s Time to Go

Date June 2, 2021

Time 10:30 - 11:00 AM

Zoom Call

Join Jada Willis, CEO of Willis HR, to identify signs that a life or career transition could be on your horizon.  In this LCAA Power Session, Jada will provide strategies to help you understand if you are experiencing a rough patch or if it is time to develop a plan for a new path to success.

More About Jada:
Jada Willis is the Founder & CEO of Willis HR, an outsourced HR Consulting firm in Columbia, SC. She has established herself as a thought leader on remote work, team productivity, and transforming company culture. Jada is the author of “Pantless Nation: HR Guidance for Mastering Remote work” and the host of the international podcast, “HR after Dark: Solving the People Problems that Keep You UP at Night.”   Jada’s passion is contagious and she has a heart for training leaders. Her knowledge is derived from 15+ years of proven success in HR roles within Fortune 100 organizations. Most notably, Verizon and Target Corporation. Jada holds a Master’s of Arts in Industrial and Labor Relations and a Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management.   Jada believes in the importance of serving and mentoring others; she focuses on social causes such as, hunger, working poor, economic opportunity and empowerment. Jada is on the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors for Harvest Hope Food Bank and a Member of the McNair Institute for Entrepreneurism and Free Enterprise – Partnership Council. She is committed to leaving people and places better than how she found them.

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