September 18, 2023

Breakfast Briefing: September 2023

Topic: Safety is a Shared Responsibility
Speakers: Sheriff Leon Lott, Richland County and Chief Skip Holbrook, City of Columbia

Join us as Sheriff Lott and Chief Holbrook discuss vital concerns, existing programs, and necessary adaptations aimed at safeguarding our community. The preservation of safety demands collaborative effort, involving engagement from law enforcement, legislators, business owners, educational institutions, parents, and residents. During this discussion, our law enforcement heads will delve into pivotal areas of concern, avenues for enhancement, and shine a light on areas that call for added backing from our wonderful community.

“We cannot do this alone,” Sheriff Leon Lott said. “No amount of law enforcement will take the place of involved parents and community partnerships.”

Hosted on September 13, 2023 at Segra Park.

Thank you to our Presenting Sponsor, MUSC Health!

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