Public Policy Agenda

A Regional Vision for Prosperity

The Columbia Chamber strives to promote issues that are important to regional growth and support public policy and economic development. By creating and maintaining a unified body, we continue to make great progress in developing a regional vision.

Skyline of Columbia, South Carolina, USA.


The industrial and commercial property tax rates in Columbia and Richland County rank among the highest in 50 states and are significantly higher than comparable locations in South Carolina. This is not conducive to business expansion or relocation to the greater Columbia area.

Tax & License Fee:
The Chamber supports limiting tax and fee increases, and finding opportunities for coordination between taxing entities to promote improved efficiency.

Permitting Process:
The Chamber supports implementing a simplified and efficient permitting process that facilitates economic growth.

Regulations & Ordinances:
The Chamber is in favor of influencing, delaying or eliminating rules, regulations or ordinances that negatively impact the cost of doing business in the greater Columbia area.


The greater Columbia area has a shortage of talent in select industries, impacting the ability of employers to meet demands.

Educational Performance:
The Chamber supports improving educational performance by equipping teachers with the tools to address student needs and drive results in the classroom.

Talent Pipeline:
The Chamber will work with the local education partners to create a talent pipeline that ensures our region has a qualified, capable workforce to support economic growth.

Veteran Workforce:
The Chamber will work with community partners to identify ways to retain and entice a qualified veteran workforce for the area.


The military has a $4.1 Billion economic impact on our region. Retaining and expanding the military’s role in the greater Columbia area is key to meeting the challenge from the changing military landscape.

Military Retention:
The Chamber will actively engage with legislators and senior Department of Defense personnel to anticipate change and react accordingly.

Military Advocate:
The Chamber will utilize its military outreach initiatives to liaise, advocate, and integrate activities between the military, military support organizations, legislature, and the Midlands community.

Military Engagement:
The Chamber will work with our community partners to enhance the military values of the greater Columbia area.


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