Public Policy Agenda

A Regional Vision for Prosperity

The Columbia Chamber strives to promote issues that are important to regional growth and support public policy and economic development. By creating and maintaining a unified body, we continue to make great progress in developing a regional vision.


Industrial and commercial property tax rates and the ease of doing business in the City of Columbia and Richland County must be competitive with other markets within South Carolina and other states. This will enable the region to maximize economic growth by attracting more new business and helping more existing businesses expand.

Tax & License Fee:
The Chamber supports comprehensive tax reform that encompasses local, state and education funding. Reform must provide for needed services and
infrastructure while reducing businesses’ tax burden by eliminatingduplication of fees, encouraging consolidation of services and greater efficiency, and examining spending on nonessential services.

Permitting Process:
The Chamber will work with business and government to simplify and streamline permitting processes that will allow businesses to invest in their operations and achieve economic growth in a timely, efficient manner.

Regulations & Ordinances:
The Chamber will advocate for a regulatory environment that promotes business growth and reduces unnecessary costs.


Our region’s businesses must have access to a well-educated, well-trained workforce to meet market demands, and citizens must have meaningful employment opportunities that enable them to stay here and grow our community.

Educational Performance:
The Chamber encourages focusing on student success in the classroom by equipping teachers with the tools needed to help each student achieve positive results.

Talent Pipeline:
The Chamber will work with local education and business partners to develop programs that build skills, foster a strong work ethic, and create a talent
pipeline that ensures our region has a qualified, capable workforce.

Veteran Workforce:
The Chamber will work with community partners to identify opportunities to hire military spouses and to retain a qualified veteran workforce for the area.


The military has a $4.1 billion economic impact on our region. Retaining and expanding the military’s role here, through involvement with defense contractors and adjoining bases, is key to meeting the challenges of the military’s changing landscape.

Military Retention:
The Chamber  will actively engage with senior Department of Defense personnel and state and federal lawmakers to anticipate change and react accordingly to ensure the military community maintains its relevancy and is ready to respond.

Military Advocate:
The Chamber will utilize its military outreach initiatives to liaise, advocate, and integrate activities between the military, its families and students, military support organizations, the Legislature, and the Midlands community to continuously promote and grow the mission.

Military Engagement:
The Chamber will work with our military and community partners to enhance the military’s values in the region to ensure the Greater Columbia community remains a“Great American Defense Community” well into the future.


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