September 27, 2021

Fort Jackson Access Control Policy Update

Enhancing the quality of life for soldiers and their families on Fort Jackson is the number one priority for General Patrick Michaelis, Commanding General. As a result of the desire to make Fort Jackson more customer friendly for their families and employees and local business, the Access Control Policy has been upgraded to allow greater accessibility by local service providers to the Fort community. For example, if someone on post wants a pizza delivered to their house, if the provider has been pre-approved and has a 6-month pass, they can deliver pizzas straight to the door or office. Or if someone needs a ride, if the service they chose to use has been pre-approved and issued a “DBIDS” gate pass, they can come on site to pick up or deliver the rider.

The major change is that businesses can apply for a 6-month DBIDS pass and after approval, can deliver food, provide services such as transportation, or conduct business on the Fort in response to the service being requested.  It’s all about opening up the Fort in a safe and secure manner to allow for greater accessibility for those living on post.

Please use the button below to view a flyer that outlines the process and also has the contact number for Post Security who is administers the Access Control Policy. Please feel free to share this information with your contacts. If you have additional questions or need assistance, please contact Susan McPherson at (803) 733-1148 or by email. 

Open Flyer

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